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Check out the website MyPet Reminders to set up email reminders for your pet's medications.

We use a doppler blood pressure monitor to monitor blood pressure during anesthesia. It is also useful in diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, especially common in older cats.

Dental radiology is a changing field in veterinary medicine. Our practice utilizes dental radiographs, which are very helpful in diagnosing dental diseases.

We constantly strive to provide the safest recommendations for your pet's health care. There is evidence that the immunity conferred by some of the vaccines is of longer duration than previously believed. In response to this research, we have extended the vaccination interval for some annual vaccinations to 3-year intervals. We will individualize our vaccination recommendations based on your pet's history, age, and environment. Vaccinations which we  recommend for your dog may include leptosporosis, which is an organism which can cause kidney failure, and can infect people as well as dogs and other animals.