At Home Veterinary Housecalls

500 Northridge Street
Greensboro, NC 27403


Catch urine first thing in the morning on a weekday. Refrigerate immediately. Call Dr. Sara immediately.

Step 1. Select a plastic trash bag of appropriate size.
(Small dog 2 gallon, larger for larger dogs.)

Step 2. Cut each side leaving approximately 2" to 3" attached.

Step 3. Take dog to favorite "pee place".

Step 4. FEMALES: Place like a diaper-one section between legs under dog and the other section over tail and back. Duct tape sides to one another to hold in place. (Masking tape does not hold)

              MALES: Go around the dog like a bandage and duct tape on top. Be careful that bag is large enough to enclose the penis.

Step 5. Stay with dog. The dog may hop rather than walk, but they will urinate in the bag.

Step 6.  Remove bag immediately and carefully. Cut a corner and release into a clean, small ziplock bag.

Courtesy K.Seaton and C.Richardson