At Home Veterinary Housecalls

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Greensboro, NC 27403



After a thorough examination and blood screening to check your pet's health, we choose an anesthetic protocol that fits his/her specific needs. We use the newest safest anesthetic protocols available. During anesthesia, we provide important support measures such as warmed IV fluid therapy, body temperature control, and respiratory and blood pressure monitoring.  

To keep your pet comfortable after the procedure we incorporate pain medication early, as part of anesthesia. This has not been traditionally done for pets, but we know that pets experience pain, and we want to prevent it. We give pre-operative pain injections, local anesthesia injections as needed, and post-operative pain injections. We dispense pain medications with all invasive procedures.

Our surgical and dental procedures include:

  • Primary procedure
  • Blood screening
  • Preanesthetic sedation and pain injection
  • Anesthetic induction
  • Isoflurane gas anesthesia
  • IV fluid support therapy
  • Thermal support with warm-warm heating blanket and heated IV fluids
  • Anesthetic monitoring
  • Pre-emptive pain management
  • Suture removal and incision check as needed

Dentistries include:

  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Subgingival curettage
  • Polishing
  • Sealant
  • Dental radiographs as needed
  • Extractions as needed
  • Periodontal therapy as needed
  • Gingivectomies as needed